About the project - See presentation 

The project "Improved Maritime Waters Monitoring (IMAMO)" is funded by BG02 "Integrated management of marine and inland waters" priority BG 02.02: "Improved monitoring of marine waters" co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2009-2014.
Project duration: 13 months from 03.31.2015
The total project cost: 2,255,292 Lv
Beneficiary of the project: Institute of BAS oceanology
Partners: 1) Norwegian Institute for Water Research and
                2) Basin "Black Sea Region"
               Creating sea bottom and moored in situ sensor monitoring stations in real time;
               Establishing laboratory equipment for analysis of priority substances and specific pollutants;                Preparatory activities to obtain accreditation of the laboratory in accordance with international standards;
               Implementation of monitoring campaigns with a focus on meeting the requirements for monitoring compliance with EU legislation on water;
               Increasing the capacity to assess the state of the environment and personnel training.
               Collecting samples for priority substances and specific pollutants from water, sediments and biota The samples collected from sea water, sediments and biota will be analyzed for priority substances and specific pollutants
               Delivery, installation and commissioning of the oceanographic measuring system
               Consisting of two oceanographic buoys anchored two underwater sensor stations for real-time monitoring of key meteorological and hydrological parameters of seawater and its adjacent atmosphere.