About the project - See presentation

The project "Development of the Marine Environment and the IMProvement of monitoring programs developed under MSFD (ISMEIMP)" is FUNDED program BG02 "Integrated management of marine and inland waters" priority BG 02.02: "Improved monitoring of marine waters" financed by the Financial mechanism of the European economic Area (EEA FM) 2019-2014.

Project duration: 13 months from 02. 04. 2015

The total value of the project: 1357 557.173 lev

Beneficiary of the project: Basin of Black Sea region Varna

Partner: Institute of Oceanology – BAS

Project Objectives:

1. Partially fill the existing shortage of data on the marine environment on the specified framework of the marine Strategy Directive (MSFD) 2008/56 / EC descriptors by conducting a pilot study area - water area bounded between Mr. Galata and forth. Emine

2. Based on the studies:

          · further develop definitions of good status of the marine environment in various descriptors,

          · updating / refining the goals DSMOS

          · development and validation of indicators to achieve the goals or to determine the distance from DSMOS. 

3. Develop proposals for improved monitoring programs. 

4. Improving the cooperation between research institutes, regional and local authorities. Expected results: Providing information:

          · filling the gaps of data in preparation of the next assessment of the state of the marine environment, targets and indicators for achieving TEU Art. 8, 9 and 10 of the Framework Directive on the marine environment (MSFD) in 2018. (II-nd cycle of application of the Directive); 

          · improving the monitoring programs under Art. 11 MFSD implementing some of the recommendations of the European Commission according to the evaluation report under Art. 12 of the Directive;

          · support the planning of programs of measures under Art. 13 of the Framework Marine Strategy Directive 2008/56 / EC for the achievement of good environmental status in the marine waters in 2015